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Welcome to the Online Housing Subsidy System

Welcome to the Housing Subsidy Portal.

The purpose of the Housing Subsidy Portal is to serve as a single point of entry to Housing Subsidy related matters for the whole of South Africa
The portal will provide visitors access to housing statistics based on actual information derived from provincial housing databases.
Registered users will gain access to live data relating their specific projects.

What's new

  • HSS Online is now compatible with Chrome.
  • All Reports are now accessible here once you have logged on.
  • The external searches were enhanced to no longer use the Search XML generator.
  • Click here for the step by step on how to submit external searches.
  • The capture wizard was enhanced to give a warning when duplicate applications are captured and the bug was fixed that stopped the capturing of more than one financial dependants.
  • HSS User Management is built into HSS Online and all HSS Users must have an HSS Online profile and re-submit their HSS User Access forms to their respective HSS Super Users.

The Housing Code

The purpose of the National Housing Code is to set out clearly, in one comprehensive document, The National Housing Code of South Africa. Click here to view the code.

Red Book Planning and Design Guide

My Housing Subsidy

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