Managing Subscription Accounts

Our Subscription Administration area makes it easy for administrators to review or change information regarding a subscription account or to request access to specific project information. Sign in with the e-mail address and password associated with the Subscription account and click on the Subscription Administration . If there is more than one Subscription associated with that e-mail address and password, specify the account that interests you. Read below for more information.

Account Participants | Account Settings

Adding, Editing, and Deleting Subscription Account Participants

Account managers can authorize individuals as members on a subscription account and authorize other individuals as subscription administrators. To edit the list of members associated with a subscription account, click the Members link at the top of the Subscriber Accounts management area. If you are editing the role of a member, be sure to click the Save Changes button when you are finished making changes. If you are removing a member, be sure to click the Confirm button when finished.

You can also add an individual to the account from the Members area. Click the "Designate new member" button, enter the individual's e-mail address, and click the "Send e-mail" button when you are finished. We will send an e-mail notification containing online registration instructions to each e-mail address that you designate. Each individual will click a special link to HSS Online contained in the e-mail notification and register to participate on the subscription account.

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Edit Subscription Account Settings


Subscription Account settings can be accessed from the Subscription Accounts management area.

An individual's ability to edit subscription account settings depends upon his or her role in the account. Only subscription administrators can apply for access to specific project information. They are also the only ones who can edit their name on the account and assign another subscription administrator if needed.

Be sure to click the Confirm or Save Changes button when you are finished making any changes.

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